understanding themes in asp.net

understanding themes in asp.net:-

themes in asp.net:-

  • themes are an extension of another idea, like the master page.
  • themes are different from the master page.
  • the master page enables the user to share content across multiple pages in 3 websites.
  • a theme, on the other hand, enables you to control the appearance of the content.
  • in a simple, it helps to provide additional features for the webpage.
  • it can be implemented either particular page or for the master page, it can be implemented for the web.config file also.
  • it can be implemented for all the pages inside the website.
  • we can add multiple themes as per the project required.

—>> theme folder can contain a variety of different types of file which is given below:

  1. skins
  2. cascading style sheets(CSS)

1. skins:-

  • it generally contains visual properties for more or one kinds of asp.net controls.
  • it also has an extension like .skin
  • it contains property settings for individual controls such as buttons, label, textbox, etc
  • for each control, you can define skins in a separate file or define all the skins for a theme in a single file.

—> two types of skins:

  1. default skin:-
  • it applies automatically to all the controls of the same type when a theme is applied to a page.
  • the skinid is not defined.
  • per control type, only one default control skin is allowed in the same theme.

<asp:Lable runat="server" Fore-Color="#585980" Font-Size="0.8em" Font-Names="Arial"/>

2. named skin:-

  •  skinid property set.
  • named skin do not automatically apply to controls by type.
  • it should be defined uniquely because duplicate skinid per skin per control type are not allowed in the same theme.

<asp:GridView runat="server" skinId="gridviewskin" Backcolor="White">

<AlternatingRawStyle Backcolor="Blue"/>


2. cascading style sheet(CSS):-

  • it may be added to a theme by placing it under the named theme subdirectory.
  • when you put a .css file in the theme directory, the style sheet is applied automatically as part of the theme.
  • this stylesheet will be applied to all pages with that theme applied.
  • it also has extension like .css