understanding state management

understanding state management

what is state management?

->  it has one or more user interface controls such as textbox, buttons, etc in a graphical user interface. in UI programming technique, the state of UI control depends on the state of other UI control. it is defined as a management of the state.

-> generally, web applications are based on the stateless HTTP protocol which does not retain any information about user requests.

-> in typical client and server communication using HTTP protocol, the page is created by each time the page is requested.

-> web pages are based on a stateless HTTP protocol, which means that does not automatically indicate whether a sequence or request is all form the same client or a new client or even worst whether a single browser instance is still viewing the site. every time a client requests a page, a new instance of the page is returned and after each roundtrip, the page is destroyed.

-> in ASP.NET applications, hosted in web server are accessed over the stateless HTTP protocol.

->   the various state management technique which is forced to implement by a developer, when developing applications which provide customized content and which “remembers” the user.

-> a new instance of the web page class is created each time the page is posted to the server.

-> for example, consider a product page, the user enters information into a textbox, that information would be lost in the roundtrip from the browser or a client device to the server.

state management divided into two categories:-

we will discuss these two categories in next article.