types of files in asp.net

 types of files in asp.net

types of files:-

.asax Application root Typically a global.aspx file that contains code that which are globally applied.
.ascx Application root or subdirectory A web user control file that defines a custom, reusable user control.
.ashx Application root or subdirectory A generic handler file that contains code that implements the HTTP handler interface to handle all incoming requests.
 .asmx Application root or subdirectory An XML web service file that contains classes and methods that will be available to other web application by way of SOAP.
.aspx Application root or subdirectory An ASP.NET web forms file that can contain web controls and other business logic.
.config Application root or subdirectory A web configuration file that contains XML elements whose settings configure the various feature of ASP.NET
.cs, .jsl, .vb App_code subdirectory, or in case of code-behind file for an ASP.NET page, in the same directory as the web page. Class-source file that is compiled at run-time.
.csproj, .vbproj, .vjsproj Visual studio project directory Project files for visual studio client application project.
.master Application root or subdirectory  in the application, it defines the layout for other web pages that reference the master.
.resources App_globalresources or App_localresources subdirectory A resource file that contains resources strings that refer to images, localizable text, or other data.
.sitemap Application root A site-map file that contains the structure of the website.
.skin App_theme subdirectory A skin file used to determine display formatting.
.sin Visual web developer project directory A solution file for a visual web developer project directory.

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